Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Church is a Whore and She is my Mother...

This title is a quote from St. Augustine. A century or so later, I wonder what the Church was whoring herself out after in Augustine's time. But even more, I wonder when we will live into her identity as the pure Bride of Christ?
I have experienced churches which love their programs more than the lost. I have experienced a church which loves its building more than people--they actually admitted that they would rather cease to exist as a congregation than combine with another church so they can continue. We trade the amazing Love of God for temporary things. We trade the incredible opportunity to partner with Christ in sharing God's love and grace for politics. We trade an intimate relationship with Christ for shallow human acquaintances.
So, how do we open ourselves up to experience the Love of God? How do we fall in love with God instead of whoring ourselves out to these lesser gods?
And so I weep--like Christ wept for Jerusalem--for the churches and Christians who would trade the Kingdom for America, the Love of God for the love of buildings, relationship for tradition. Heaven has come, walked among us, and we would sit in our small cages instead of walking with Him.