Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Theological/ Practical Road to Me

So in my past post I spoke of fundamentalism and how it has been part of my past. Like every part of my past, it has been a blessing and a curse. The blessings I have found fundamentalism has brought into my life are a desire for God's Word and a desire for authenticity in relationships--both of which are odd because I find fundamentalism to be lacking to some respect in both areas. Fundamentalists call for a high regard for God's Word--their definition of high regard has somethings to desire. Yet, that call for Scripture to have a high place in my daily life has created good Christian disciplines in my life as well as a hunger for God's Word. Perhaps I need to re-phrase all this. I believe God has used Fundamentalism in my life to produce a hunger for God's Word and Christian Disciplines. I do not believe one must go through fundamentalism to receive or practice these things.
I also desire authenticity. While fundamentalism actually, unknowingly places some barriers up so true authenticity cannot be experienced, I feel it was used by God in my life to help me hunger for authenticity. Fundamentalism wants to get to the basic meaning of Scripture and take it for what it is and apply it. That is what I want--I would define how we get there through Scripture differently. But I believe that desire has pointed me in the direction I am going now.
As I have said, I have issue with both how Fundamentalism views Scripture, interprets Scripture and how Fundamentalism produces barriers for authenticity. But that is all a subject for another blog.