Thursday, June 18, 2009

Philippians 3

Paul states in Philippians 3 that compared to Christ everything this world has to offer, everything he has accomplished is crap.
I want to be here. I want to be able to say that with Paul and mean it from the depth of my soul. But I am not. I have been shopping a lot lately. When you don't have anything to start a household, you need to shop. Right now the thing that I am struggling with is the kitchen garbage can. I want a stainless steel garbage can cuz I love the look of stainless steel. The cheapest one I have found is $60. A plastic one will do, right? I still haven't bought one because I really liked the stainless steel one. Really? I am going to put garbage in this thing! What does it matter what I put my garbage in? But isn't that what I am doing with my life? The selfishness, my attitude, my love for stuff, my satisfaction with my status quo, my ignorance of the poor around me--I dress it all up in a stainless steel can and it looks Christian cuz I slap a Jesus sticker on it all. But in reality compared to having Jesus Christ, it is garbage. It doesn't matter how I dress my selfish desires up. They are crap compared to Christ. It doesn't matter how I justify things, it is crap compared to Christ. And that master's degree that I just received and how about that commissioning coming in a couple of days? Can I say with Paul, compared to Christ nothing even comes close...
I wish I could. I am not there yet. And that makes me want to cry. I want to love Jesus in such a way that nothing else compares and pulls me away.

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  1. You are stinking awesome! I also wanted one of the stainless steel trash cans when I was starting my house but they are cost prohibitive. I am pretty sure that Jesus loves the journey you are on. You aren't there yet but you are certainly being transformed into the image of Christ. Even though compared to Christ commissioning is crap, it is still pretty cool and we can't wait to be there to witness it! (Mindy said "Nice!")