Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What my dogs have taught me about church

Last July, I adopted Ginger. She is a mutt--looks a little like a chow chow without all the fur. She's a rescue dog. Ginger has always been a bit skiddish. She is afraid of men which made me think she might have been abused. When I had visitors, Ginger would run up stairs. She didn't really bark when someone was at the door. Ginger also didn't know how to play with the dog toys. I would throw a ball and she might walk after but never pick it up.
Then came Greta, my Great Dane puppy. I saw how well Ginger interacted with my friend's great dane. Since Greta came, Ginger suddenly stays around when people come over instead of running upstairs. Ginger stays downstairs and barks when the doorbell is rung. Ginger has learned to play with toys. Greta has made a world of difference for Ginger. Ginger has a community now with another dog who knows how to be a dog and so Ginger has learned how to be a dog.
Many state they don't need to go to church to worship. That is true. Worship is a lifestyle--what we live out each day as we love God and love neighbor. But like Ginger needed a community who was striving to be dog like. We need a community which is striving to be God-like. It was in community Ginger overcame her fears, learned fellowship, and became a real dog. It is in community we learn how to overcome our fears,learn to fellowhship--loving each other, and how to be like Christ. Why do we need a church? The same reason my Ginger needs her Greta.

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  1. At work last week a lady who works at a metaphysical bookshop said, we all need a community. This non Christian captured the joy church should be in one quick sentence, as you have in this blog. We all need a Greta.