Friday, September 10, 2010

Muslims, Christians, and a match

So tomorrow we mark another anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Approaching the anniversary this year has been laden with one controversial issue after another. It is like we have mixed gun powder, lighter fluid and a match. We have the proposed Muslim Community center three blocks away from Ground Zero in NYC. The anger over this is interesting since there has been a prayer room at this site for over a year. Then there is the on again, off again, on again Koran burning in Florida. The church of 50 wants to send a message to radical Muslim terrorist organizations that we will not back down. I guess the moderate Muslim community is just collateral damage to them.
Once again, I am left asking, "where is the voice of God's Kingdom?" In both of these situations, we have an amazing opportunity to say with a loud voice to the terrorists, "the same hatred and anger which you willingly nurture in your community, we will not allow you to nurture in our community." Instead a small amount of so-called Christians have chosen to send the message, "we can hurt you without killing a person, just as bad as you hurt us by killing people."
Christian hospitality has been defined as affording to strangers the same kindness and love afforded to family. Ground Zero is sacred. We would say a church being built there would be redeeming and desired. Would Christian hospitality call us to afford the Muslims the same kindness we would extend to Christians or any other religion?

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