Tuesday, April 27, 2010

fall from grace

After hearing about another Christian leader "falling from grace", I found myself thinking about the phrase "to fall from grace." When one falls from grace, one has sinned.In Romans 5:20, it says that as sin increased, God's grace abounded that much more. So I wonder why we use the phrase "to fall from grace" for sin. Shouldn't we find more grace when someone falls into sin?
But that is not the way we work. We request, no, we require the sinner to leave. We do not show them grace but the door. It just seems so much easier for us to punish people for their sin than to stay in community and walk with the person to forgiveness and healing. The community of faith becomes the picture of judgment rather than forgiveness. Peter stayed in community with the disciples after he denied Christ. And as that community struggled together they encountered the Risen Lord. There was grace greater than all their sins.
We fear if we stay in fellowship, we condone the sin. Yet Jesus was able to eat with the sinners without condoning.
Perhaps the phrase "fallen from grace" does not mean one has fallen from God's grace. Perhaps it is just the case they have fallen from our grace. And maybe that is why the church has become impotent. We are living and handing out our own grace instead of God's grace.

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