Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Glee meets Jesus

So I am watching Glee. And they are taking on religion today. They hit on a bunch of hot button issues in this episode. I am impressed with their courage. There is the gay issue, the atheists, the Santa image of Jesus, church v. state issues, unanswered prayers, answered silly prayers.
As I get closer to the end of the show, I am torn. Do I want the big prayer answered: Curt's dad to be healed? Or do I want us to stay in the midst of the pain and uncertainty? It seems that is where we are so often.
I think the episode was well done. Respectful yet challenging. It was powerful. I know there will be those who say they were pushing the "gay agenda." And I feel sorry for them. This episode has offered us an opportunity. Can we hear the questions the culture is asking us? asking God? Can we hear and see how the culture is hearing and seeing us and our message? If what they are saying doesn't match up with the Gospel, do we need to work on delivering the Gospel better? Is the message we are proclaiming the Gospel?

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