Monday, October 18, 2010

Soul winning vs. Evangelism

The bishop has challenged all pastors in our conference to lead one person to Christ. So now I am reflecting on Evangelism. What do I consider Evangelism? What does evangelism look like according to Scripture?
Then today on a blog I often read () I found a video about "soul winning." This gentleman offers advice on winning souls. This particular video talks about talking to people on the street about Jesus, going up to kids who are hanging out. And I wondered.
I am not a parent. I am an aunt though. And I wonder how I would feel if someone came up to my nephew or niece and began to share god/God with them? Are children, like this gentleman notes, more open spiritually? Or is it simply they haven't experienced things which cause the deeper questions of faith to be asked? The things which the Romans Road doesn't answer.
I am ok with someone sharing God with my nephew and niece but not the Romans Road. The Romans Road is a device to share God. It seems to assume the person has no experience with God. They are floundering out in Creation without the Creator. I want them to get to know my nephew and my niece. I want them to help my nephew and niece see that God has been with them throughout all their lives.
Perhaps that is what Evangelism is. Evangelism is pointing people to God, helping them to see God has never forgotten them.
What is evangelism to you? Is there a difference between Soul winning and evangelism?

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