Monday, November 1, 2010

Reflections on a short man

So I preached on Zacchaeus this past Sunday. Here are some thoughts:
1. Zacchaeus was a despised man. The story says the crowd mumbled because Jesus was going to a notorious sinners home. Usually the Pharisees were the ones who complained about Jesus hanging with sinners. Despite being despised, Zacchaeus risked everything to simply see Jesus. Am I risking everything to get to know Jesus better? How about you? And I guess the subsequent question would be, what does it look like in my life, in your life to risk everything to get to know Jesus better?

2. As stated above, the crowd joined the Pharisees complaint about Jesus--he eats with sinners. Does anyone question the company I keep? Jesus went to the homes of the sinners. He didn't invite them to the Temple to hear about the Kingdom. He brought the Kingdom to them. If I am not hanging out with a questionable crowd, am I being the Kingdom of God? Now this is different than being accused of questionable behavior.

3. Zacchaeus responds to Christ. He doesn't simply say, "from now on, I am going to be a different person." No, he lets the salvation work backwards in his life to right the wrongs. He makes amends with those he has offended in the past. How can the salvation Christ has brought into my life not only be for my future but also redeem my past?

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