Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Advent Day 3

Scripture: Psalm 6; Psalm 10; Luke 20:9-18
Walking through Advent is uncomfortable. This journey takes us from darkness to light. It has us walking through our brokenness. Today's lectionary reading is no different. The Psalmists lament over their brokenness and the apparent distance between God and the chosen people. Luke tells us the story of the wicked tenants. Who are the tenants? The religious people who are keepers of the law, the doctrine? Those who were entrusted with the Good News and shining the light of God to the nations but instead horded God for themselves?
What in my life is keeping people away from the Good News? Advent is about getting close and personal to the brokenness in my life so God can bring healing and deliverance. It is uncomfortable to be aware of the darkness which still exists in me. But the good news is we are walking towards the light. Our Deliverer is coming!

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