Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Journey begins

I grew up in a tradition which did not observe Advent. Yet every year, Christians complained about the commercialism and how we were losing the true meaning of Christmas in our society. But Christmas is not our culture's to protect, it is ours. And I am becoming more and more convinced that if we wish to keep Christmas well, we must first observe Advent well. The past three blogs have been introductions to my attempt to observe Advent well. This blog begins my journey. You are invited to come along silently or join the dialogue.
Today's Gospel from the lectionary was Matthew 24:36-44. As we journey towards the celebration of the past--the celebration of Christ's birthday, we look to the future coming of Christ. We are closer today than we have ever been to seeing Christ face to face, whether it be through the Second Coming or through the doorway of Death. And we are called to be ready.
But I believe we are called to be ready to meet Christ in a new way this Christmas. How will this Christmas be different than last? Will we know Christ better? Christmas is more than gifts and packages, it is more than family time, it is the invitation to join the story of God. How are we going to get ready to meet Christ this Christmas?

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