Saturday, November 27, 2010

Intentional Advent

As stated in my last post, our culture rushes us into Christmas, and for good reason. If we are rushed into the holidays, we leave all rational thinking behind, especially about our finances, and jump into the commercialism. And the pull of commercialism is overwhelming. According to the advertisements on television...
My car tells my neighbors I am bland. My computer is not thin enough or fast enough. My washer and dryer are not smart enough. My oven does not multi task well. My phone does not have enough g's. My television is not wide enough. I am fashionably challenged. And what about my family? If I really love them I will make sure their car tells the world they are classy and hip, their computers will be fast, the televisions wide,etc.
No wonder contentment is elusive in our society. "Blessed are the meek"? What is meek? Advent yells, "enough." We are looking for a Deliverer, not a tech item which will devalue the moment we open it or be out of date the next morning. We are looking for a Savior from this prison of materialism and discontentment. Advent reminds us, "Our Deliverer is coming!"
And so what do we do while we wait for our Deliverer. There is the Advent Conspiracy .
There is the call to spend less and give a goat through World Vision.
One thing I will do is turn off my television or allow myself only two shows in the week. Television will no longer be the background noise when I am home.
What do you need to do this Advent to re-center yourself for Christmas?

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