Thursday, November 11, 2010

Asbury Seminary and Ethos

To my friends who attend Asbury and alumni,
I hear there is a new ethos statement which is causing some concern over its wording and what you can get away with while remaining in good standing. I don't want to sound harsh, but I am a New Yorker so I like just saying things right out.
Out in non-Asbury world, there is no ethos statement. While denominations do have standards to live by, you will find the old ethos statement at Asbury was far more conservative than some denominations. But out in the real world, the ethos I live by is really more a personal one.
Out in the non-Asbury world, there is not a tight community all focused on ministry and theology, etc. like at the seminary. So this personal ethos I live by, well, I am on my own. I have been developing closer friendships with other pastors. But the ethos we are under varies with denominations and each has personal standards.
So perhaps at Asbury under this new ethos, you can begin to put into practice what you will need in the bigger world. What is your ethos? You have a safe, close community to work this out in--unlike those who have gone before who had a strict ethos in seminary and had to figure out their personal one in a lonely world.
Just a thought.

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