Friday, December 3, 2010

The Lord is My Refuge

Psalm 16
The Psalms are the cry of human hearts to God, sometimes the cry of a raw, broken heart. As we walk through Advent, we are called to remember our brokenness. John the Baptist calls us to repent and be ready for the coming Messiah. Isaiah reminds us we have not been faithful. The Psalms remind us as we cry out in our brokenness to God, God is faithful to heal and bring hope. Psalm 16 says God is our refuge. God is faithful to show us the path of life as we journey through the darkness. God will not abandon our souls.
As we feel the weight of our brokenness, as we feel the weight of the expectations of the season, as we feel the coldness of December, can we see the path of life God is leading us on? How is God showing us the path of life this Advent?

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