Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17

I have not blogged in a while and I am sorry. It has been a tough week. I have hit some low points, feeling out of control in many areas of my life. A lot of things seem to be going wrong despite my best intentions. And so I found myself calling out to God. "I need a miracle." Then suddenly, it hit me. This is advent. The time between the Old Testament and the New Testament was a time of oppression for the Jewish people from one occupation to the next. How many times did God's people call out, "we need a miracle. We need a Deliverer."? And we want our deliverer now. We want to get to Christmas. It is only one week away. Why can't we start the celebration?
Why? Because Isaiah reminds us those who wait, rise up on eagle's wings. We are reminded time and time again in Scripture, God's timing not ours. Despite coming to some low points, despite feeling out of control, this December has been peaceful. I am not rushed through the madness of the season. I am not feeling like I need more things or to get more stuff for others. I am at peace in the midst of out of control circumstances. But Emmanuel was not spoken into the best of times. No, Emmanuel came in dark, hard times. God is with us, in the midst of our brokenness. Thanks be to God.

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