Thursday, January 27, 2011

The American Beatitudes?

If America had its own Beatitudes what would they be?
Blessed are those who pick themselves up by their bootstraps and are self made people for theirs will be fortune and fame.
Blessed is the lone ranger, the one who does it their way, for they will never need comfort.
Blessed are the powerful and the influential for they will get what they want.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for instant self gratification for they will be filled and then empty and need more.
Blessed are those who stand up for their rights at all cost and have the attitude “take no prisoner” for they will be admired.
Blessed are those who are strong willed and those who do what feels right in their own understanding, those who stay true to themselves, for they can create God over in their own image.
Blessed are those who can tell others off and demean those who oppose them, for they will be called a good leader, a child of America, and offered their own television show.
Blessed are those who stand up for what they believe and keep people out of their exclusive clubs, for this temporary world is theirs.

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