Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Letter to Glenn and Sarah

Dear Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin:

This isn't about politics. This isn't about Mormonism. My issue with both of you is the Gospel you are preaching.
At your rally on Saturday, you called the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, the Temple of Freedom. You have called for a return back to (G)god then tell us to use part of the Constitution as our guide.
I understand to a point. You are calling people of many faiths to get back to God. These faiths do not have one holy book in common. So you have brought our attention to something common.
The problem I have? This is syncretism--the blending of religions. "Temple of Freedom"--what does one do at a temple? Worship, religious rituals.
In the Old Testament, after Solomon, the country of Israel is divided in two. The king of the northern territory creates places of worship for his people since Jerusalem and the Temple are in the southern kingdom. He builds these places of worship and he uses statues of calves, which are the symbol of the gods of Canaan. He then uses the religious language of Israel--"behold your God who has brought you out of Egypt." (I Kings 12:25-29). It is the sin of Jeroboam which brings the Northern kingdom's downfall.
Oh, your words are subtle. You use faith, hope and charity as values but you describe them in American terms. The faith, hope and charity Christ lived out and offers are so much bigger than what America has experienced. Just look at other American values versus the Sermon on the Mount and other teachings of Christ. In America, the American dream is a large house with a two car garage, flat screen HD or 3D television, iPhones and iPads. Jesus says blessed are the poor, the meek. In America when we are attacked, we call for bombs and military action to show our power. Jesus says love your enemies, bless those who persecute you. You talk about getting back to God but this god you are presenting looks American, sounds Republican. The Kingdom of God is bigger and greater.
Its not about politics. It is about the gospel you are preaching.

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