Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week Reflection--Finding ourselves with the Disciples

I can relate to the disciples. They have left everything to follow Christ. I have not necessary left everything but I have lost some friends to follow the call of God into ministry. Other relationships have an added tension to them due to my role as pastor and my friends' view of women in ministry. 
The disciples have been at times faithful and zealous. Their enthusiasm and their sense of entitlement has gotten in the way of others experience of Christ. They were reprimanded. I too have defended my Christianity at the expense of others. 
There is the follower of Christ who cuts off the ear of the priest's slave as they  come to arrest Christ. This disciple defends Christ without knowing what Christ is doing.  I too have reacted without knowing what God is up to in my life or around me also. 
During Holy Week, we remember the disciples running away in fear or in Peter's case, follow from a distance and then deny. I too have allowed fear to keep me from following Christ. 
And so the disciples remind me, the cross is because of me and for me. But they also give me hope. The disciples didn't run so far the Risen Christ couldn't reveal himself to them. 

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