Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Week Reflection--Finding ourselves with the Pharisees

I don't mind finding myself with the disciples. At least they were faithful at times. I don't mind finding myself with the crowds around Jesus. At least they heard and experienced Christ at times. During Holy Week, everyone seems to be missing the point about Christ. Everyone seems to forget Jesus' promising to rise again. Everyone is surprised on Sunday morning.

It is the Pharisees and High Priest I don't want to relate to. I cringe at the thought of being like them. Yet, I must admit, I have been like the Pharisees and High Priest. I have been resistant to change. I have been reluctant to join God at work in my life and the world around me. I am most reluctant to join God when God shows up in people and places, ideas and activities which I do not recognize as "Christian" or from people who have a different political view or theological view than I.  Instead of straining to hear God in those who I differ from, some times, I have jumped to conclusions.

And so, the Cross, once again, is because of me and for me. May we all experience the grace and love of God this Holy Week. 

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